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Tim and Sharon Corcoran

Tim and I always believed hard work pays off.  Tim worked at a utility for 34 years and retired when he had worked his way up to Director in IT. He then became General Manager for Aquatic World Dive Shop for nine years.  He’s a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and most recently joined me to Co-Direct Travel for the dive shop.  We started our own travel business in 2017, Shared Adventure Tours. Tim is also an aspiring nature photographer. You can check out his images at  My background consists of working in managerial positions with Syracuse Supply Co., Denny’s Restaurants, Cracker Barrel Restaurants, and most recently at Aquatic World Dive Shop as Travel Director. It was a welcome and exciting progression for us to end up working in the travel industry. Tim and I both have a passion for travel, and we love sharing the experience with others.  We always look forward to meeting people who want to visit new places, experience different cultures, connect with nature, and with each other in a group experience. We love making new friends and we cherish each friendship we have made along the way.  

Sharon Corcoran