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Shared Adventure Tours

Welcome to Shared Adventure Tours

Welcome to Shared Adventure Tours

Welcome to Shared Adventure ToursWelcome to Shared Adventure ToursWelcome to Shared Adventure Tours

What you need to know


Trip deposits and payments - Terms and Conditions

All payments must be made by check or cash. Credit cards are not accepted at this time except when making airline reservations. All trip deposits and payments are non refundable.

Please review our Terms and Conditions

Risks, Liabilities and Assumption of Risk

There are risks associated with all travel and adventure activities. It is imperative that participants understand the risks  associated with travel, the locations we will be visiting and the activities we will be participating in. We will do our best to explain these risks and will be requiring participants to sign liability releases including the Shared Adventure Tours Release of Liability. Please review this form.


For the proper immunizations required to travel to various countries,  please check with the Centers for Disease Control at  PLEASE NOTE - Before placing a deposit on a trip, make sure you have  thoroughly researched the immunization requirements. There are clinics and Doctors who specialize in infectious diseases and can help you understand the requirements and risks. Deposits are non refundable.

Booking your Fights and Working with Airlines

 We do not have  control over what airlines do in regards to delays, schedule changes, luggage restrictions and fees and cancellations.  We will work with you to book your flights. You are welcome to book your own flights.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to protect your  investment. Contact us and we will provide you a quote through Travel Guard.

Dive trips

Each traveler on our dive trips must be a certified diver if he/she plans on diving. You are also responsible for insuring that you have the adequate dive skills necessary for the trip. We  require all divers to have dive insurance such as DAN (Divers Alert Network) or Dive Assure